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Here is where we will share all of the amazing details of our most recent wedding or event, discuss insider planning tips and tricks, and give the scoop on some very exciting TSE updates. Cheers! 

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Here at TSE we are suckers for when brides bring sentimental value into their big day. This wedding took place at Goshen Scout Reservation, which has been a part of Trish’s family since the 60’s! Her grandfather was one of the original Goshen Bears. Her grandfather and many other members of the family donated a […]

Trish + Eric – Gosh Scout Reservation

It is incredibly heartwarming as we watch two families come together for a wedding. From the rehearsal and the ceremony, to hugging their guests goodbye on their wedding night, the Taylor’s were all about their special relationships. Here at TSE we have worked with the sweetest of sweet families. It is amazing how sharing a […]

Bre + Cole – Culpepper Barn

Being a wedding planner is hands down the greatest job. Bringing a couple’s vision to life is beyond satisfying and leaves our hearts incredibly full. This wedding in particular made our hearts overflow because of the friendship behind it. Tori has been a dear friend who has stayed close even though life has pulled us […]

Tori + David- Virginia Power Boat Association

“You can’t calm the storm.. so stop trying. What you can do is calm yourself. The storm will pass.” This quote couldn’t have better described Morgan & Chandler’s big day. Ironically, this nature loving couple had to postpone their original wedding day due to hurricane Florence. Stick these two in the outdoors and you’ll find […]

Morgan + Chandler – Greenbier Farms

Weddings are something special, but when you get to plan a wedding alongside a lifelong friend things mean just a little bit more. Planning Sam’s wedding was extraordinary, and it hit home being able to watch her dream wedding come to life. The Planter’s Club was the perfect venue; right on the water, bringing in […]

Sam + Adam – Planter’s Club

Picture this.. you have your entire wedding planned out perfectly, all the details have fallen right into place, and you’re hours away from marrying the love of your life when a mandatory evacuation gets slammed down on you. How do you handle it? Are you frantically trying to figure everything out or are you like […]

Tiffany + Ryan – Oakgrove Church/ Aviation Museum

We could not have asked for a more beautiful day for these two love birds. When we arrived at Salem Methodist Church Tommie was in the final stages of getting ready- she looked SO gorgeous. Her dress was simple yet absolutely elegant and breathtaking. The simple styled plus the lace detail portrayed Tommie’s personality perfectly! […]

Tommie + Derek- Salem Methodist/ West Neck Village Hall

Our job at TSE is to ensure that your special day goes as smoothly and seamlessly as possible, with or without nature’s misfortunes, but it goes without saying, there is probably no bride in the history of ever that wished for rain on her wedding day. Although some people believe its a sign of a […]

Sheri + Mike – Hornsby House Inn

Sometimes our passion for weddings and events meets somewhere in the middle. Engagement parties and bridal showers give us the opportunity to work with our brides and grooms before their big day in a more intimate setting. Last month, we had the pleasure of honoring Haley at her sweet and charming in-home bridal shower. Her […]

Haley’s Bridal Shower

Though our love and obsession with weddings is ultimately what fueled our desire to create and build our business, we at TSE pride ourselves on customizing our services for exactly what our clients need. We happen to love stepping outside of the box, and we did just that earlier this month! Saving Kids’ Dreams is […]

Saving Kids’ Dreams

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